5 Tips to Think Positive and Stay Happy

Happiness is a choice. But who would choose to be unhappy? Although nobody chooses not to be unhappy yet, you can choose to be happy by implementing some simple tricks for thinking positive and staying happy.

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Practice gratitude

Rather than thinking about what you don’t have, think about what you do have. Practice gratitude for the people who love you, friends who support you. Practice gratitude for having a roof over your head, food to eat, and a comfy bed to sleep in. Gratitude journals are a great idea as well. Make it your daily habit to write seven things you’re grateful for.

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Start your day on a positive note.

When your day starts on a wrong note, you remain in a bad mood throughout the day. Therefore, you must begin the day on a positive note. One good practice is to smile at yourself in the mirror. That helps uplift your mood in the morning.

Search for the silver lining

Every cloud has a silver lining. But we humans tend to dwell on the darkness that the cloud brings rather than looking for the silver lining. There is a positive side to everything. So if your coffee didn’t turn out so good this morning rather than being moody, how about you stop by your nearest Starbucks? See? silver lining!

Rearrange your perspective

For staying positive, you must change your perspective of looking at things. One rule of thumb is to replace “I have to” with “I get to.” So rather than thinking, “I have to go to work today,” think: “I GET TO go to work today.”

Create a positive environment

Surround yourself with positive people who don’t search for the negative in everything. Positive people give off a positive vibe that won’t bring down your energy like a person in a bad mood would.


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