Tips to Ease Anxiety During a Crisis

Many people suffer from anxiety. Some have stronger symptoms of anxiety than others, but either way, anxiety can consume your entire being as you crumble into pieces.

Anxiety causes an irrational level of fear and worry. This fear and worry can lead you down a path of depression and the inability to cope with everyday life. Our team knows what anxiety feels like, which is why we provide a variety of tips and tools to help you cope during times of high anxiety.

With many people having been in lockdown, and some still are, during the 2020/2021 pandemic, we wanted to share some tips that can help anyone with anxiety relax a teeny bit during times of crisis.

Unplug from Screens

Anxiety can be fueled when you watch the news, surf social media, or see advertisements. During a crisis, you’ll find that every part of the internet and most news sources are talking about the crisis. This won’t help you reduce anxiety.

  • Try to unplug from screens for a bit so that you can ease your way back to reality. Reducing the amount of time you consume negative media will help calm your fear and incessant worrying.

Call a Friend

If you’re stuck at home or just so crippled with anxiety that you don’t want to go anywhere, then why not call a friend?! We all have that special someone or group of friends who understand our anxiety and are more than willing to talk us off the ledge.

  • Find solace in reaching out to your loved ones who can help you get those irrational fears and worries out of your head.
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Write a Journal

A gratitude journal is one of our personal favorite activities to use as a means to keep our team members’ anxiety in check. Our team members have each had their fair share of trauma or anxiety and most will tell you that journaling helped them a lot!

  • Write in your journal twice a day during times of high anxiety and at least three times per week when life is a bit more stable.

Start Meditation

There are so many meditation apps available, our team has recommended these Guided Meditation & Hypnosis Audios to help with this process. Using some form of meditation, be it sitting still and closing your eyes, or using hypnosis audios, will significantly improve your mindset so you chill out.

  • Look at the app store on your smartphone for a free meditation app. Try a few of them until one resonates with you. Stick with the one that helps you most, and use it daily!

When it comes to learning how to cope with anxiety during a crisis, there’s no one size fits all solution. We understand that each of you out there is unique in how you cope during times of high stress. All we can do is provide you with the above tips and tools to get you started in a direction that helps YOU, the individual.

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If you know someone out there who suffers from high levels of anxiety during a time of crisis, please take the time to reach out to them. Listen to them talk, and hear what they have to say. Hold your tongue from judgment, only speak kindly to them while you listen to their every word.

Sometimes, being that kind of friend that shows some compassion can go a long way for someone suffering from high anxiety during a crisis.

We end with this question today;

Do you or someone you know suffer from anxiety? What has helped you, or your friend, cope during times of crisis?


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