How to be a More Productive Homeschool Mom

Productive homeschool moms recognize the need for structure and routine. While every child learns differently, homeschooling children is all about developing the best productivity habits to ensure each child gains the education they deserve.

Today I’m sharing some tips to help homeschool moms be more productive with their homeschooling time. These tips will help you go from unorganized and frustrated to productive and happy in no time!

Focus on One Thing

The most productive homeschool moms have come to realize that multitasking doesn’t quite work. The best hack I can tell you is to focus on one thing at a time. Make a list of the top three important tasks each morning. These tasks will be whatever lessons you truly desire to cover each day.

Remove all distractions while you’re working on each task with your children. This means putting your smartphone in the other room, turning off the television or radio, and making sure the area is distraction-free so you can focus on each task one at a time with your children.

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Embrace The Word No

It’s easy to get consumed with all of the options to cover as a homeschool mom but you can only handle so much being one person. Learn to embrace saying no to things that your family determines isn’t a priority in the homeschool curriculum.

Sit with your family, including the children, and discuss what everyone needs and wants to learn this year. Be okay with telling your kid no if something isn’t going to fit in with your current homeschool schedule. You can always pencil in ideas for the next year’s homeschooling sessions.

Nail That Morning Routine

The most productive homeschool moms have their morning routine nailed down! That means they have an established wake-up time that allows them time to enjoy a cup of tea, read some literature, and prepare mentally for their homeschool day.

You’ll need to make a note of what activities or practices help you be the most productive person. This might include a brief morning workout, a cup of coffee, or reading a chapter in your favorite book. Write down your morning routine and remain firm about practicing this ritual every single day.

Don’t Neglect Yourself

Another habit of highly productive homeschool moms is that they know when to pause for self-care. They build a self-care routine into their schedule so that they’re always working with a full bucket. Make a list of things that help you relax and feel complete.

This could be reading a book, taking a bath, spending ten minutes sitting on the front porch, or something else that helps calm your mind. Any activity that helps you feel peaceful is something that must be built into your daily routine to ensure you’re always working at 100%.

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The key to being a productive homeschool mom is all about knowing your limits, setting priorities, being okay with saying no, and always taking care of yourself. When you follow each of the tips I shared above you’ll find that you feel amazing and get more done within just two weeks of practicing these tips to be a more productive homeschool mom.


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