My Journey to Great Success

My Journey to Great Success

Hey everyone! Brandy Ellen here. I’m ready to share some of my experiences in life that led me to great success. This journey has had twists and turns, ups and downs, tears, and smiles. I’ve cried and laughed, I’ve laughed so hard I cried, but here I am with the confidence to say that I’ve achieved great success!

Food in the Home Great Success

I understand that we all define great success in different ways. My first experience of feeling as if “I made it” was when, after years of struggling, my children finally had a full freezer, fridge, and cupboards of food. Some processed foods, some fresh, but food nonetheless!

  • To me, having food in the home to supply the children with their needs in this area made me feel like a great success!

That was probably my first set of tears that flowed from my eyes down my cheeks in 2020. Finally! The kids had a steady food supply without having state assistance. Yes, I’ve been on state assistance at various times in my life, both cash and food stamps.

I’ve had to stay with my parents more than once, and I’ve been homeless. Life wasn’t ever “easy” for me, and it’s not “easy” now, nor do I expect life to ever be “easy”.

  • Here’s the thing; life isn’t meant to be easy, it’s meant to help you grow stronger, wiser, and more well-rounded as each new chapter arrives.

It may sound funny to some of you out there, that this positive thinking freelance writer, felt most successful when she provided FOOD for her kids. That’s okay, I’m confident with the way I define success and my individual story of great success.

Great Success in Relationships

Another area where I define something as part of my great success story is being reunited with my sons’ father. We divorced when our youngest of two boys was around age 2. While we’ve always been amicable, and perhaps many issues derived from having two babies in two years, us reuniting in late 2019 is for sure part of what I feel is a great success.

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Learning to spend time listening to someone, communicating effectively with them, and then having that ah-ha moment that ‘wait we should be together’ thought is such an amazing experience.

We both were at a time in our life where we saw the value of the friendship we’ve always had, the sons we shared, and each other. When you can pause all the emotions of the past, to live in this one moment, and truly feel what’s right and act on it? That’s a great success!

  • When you’re married or in a relationship with someone who values your opinon, listens to your thoughts, and truly cares about you it’s worth more than any amount of money.

To me, great success is not defined in terms of financial gain. Great success is defined as the ability to grow from the not-so-wise younger version of yourself into a mature, open-minded, well-rounded individual.

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Great Success with Business

While I don’t define great success in terms of finances alone, it is a significant part of my great success story. Lack of money is what led my ex and me back together; we were both homeless (for different financial reasons) with our sons together before committing to take friendship to the relationship level, again.

Managing money better is what led to the great success of having food in our home. So, finances do play a key role in my great success story. I just don’t feel it’s the defining part of my story.

I got lost along the journey to great success. I had these goals ready to achieve, and in walked someone who didn’t belong in that journey (more than once). I didn’t set healthy boundaries with others. I just let life pass me by as I tried to figure out the best direction after each mishap.

  • I’ve always known in my soul that you will have great success in business if you follow your heart, stay true to who you are, and help others along the way rather than focusing on “I need to make money now”.

The only reason that I sit here today sharing my story is that, with the help of my supportive community around me, I kept on going. I didn’t resort to negative self-talk, bashing others, or looking outward to blame something or someone for my mishaps.

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Each time I allowed someone or something to interrupt my path to my goals, I looked inward to learn more about myself. I wanted to know, needed to know, the root problem for my mishaps. I will continue using my growth mindset to evaluate and adjust as each new chapter arrives.

No matter how often I get taken off course, or what happens in my life, I’ve continuously helped others, let others vent to me, lent support, and advice. I do these things because they matter more deeply to me than the amount of money in my bank account.

  • I have always stayed true to what my true mission in life is; to inspire others to live their best life!

This, my friends, is my true great success story. Being blessed to help others in any way I can. Whether it’s donating funds to help with groceries or a new baby on the way, helping them with a minor blog problem, or lending my ear for listening;

the biggest reasons I stand here today with food in the home, a roof over my head, an amazing partner, and a successful business is that I stayed true to who I am and I never gave up.

I can’t help but pour my heart out with how much a growth mindset can help you overcome so many challenges that life tosses at you. If you truly have a dream to be your own boss, and you want to change the world, you can do it!

A growth mindset is what alters my perspective of situations that happen to me. I allow myself to feel the grief, sadness, or anger but move on as soon as that process is over. I remove the emotion from the story, adjust my sails, and handle what I can handle today to achieve my great success story.

My story isn’t over yet, it is something that I will continuously work on throughout my entire life, but as of this moment? I am pretty confident in saying that my great success story has expanded enough that I’m now better able to help others get through those mishaps so that they can learn to harness the growth mindset and do great things in their life.

I end with this question today;

Do you feel like your life has been a great success overall? Why or why not? Also, is there something I can try to help you with?


14 thoughts on “My Journey to Great Success

  1. Striving for success in everything you do should always be the number 1 goal. I am glad you are doing so well!

  2. It’s important to define your success however you see fit. I once celebrated getting a paid collab and gift cards for food as well. My goal for years was to get a paid vacation collaboration (just a stay, no monetary compensation).

    Three years ago, I managed to land two and I was so excited for me and my family. It came at a time when we couldn’t afford anything more than our bills.

    1. YES!! That’s such a wonderful story and I agree – a great success! I think celebrating what we feel is successful is so important. When I was in the blogging world more prominently – as in getting offered to go on trips – I felt successful when I was offered not one but two red carpet event trips for two different movies. I sadly, couldn’t end up going but those invites made me feel like I had made it all those years ago. I am glad that you are good at defining success and celebrating those successes!

  3. Such a beautiful and very inspiring story. Striving for success is always giving your 100% effort, 100% positivity, and a person who is not giving up.

  4. I am truly happy for you. It looks like you have gone through a lot but have now found success. For me, I think my greatest success is to see all my three children grown up, all bachelor degree holders and all gainfully employed. The sacrifices I made have paid off. Now I can rest assured that they will all have a good life with their future families.

    1. I love that you said this! I think that’s my favorite part, too! That I am living my life and celebrating what I define as success without fear or worry. I love seeing what other people define as their success, too!

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