Productivity Hacks for Procrastinators

There isn’t one person in this world who hasn’t been the victim of procrastination at some point in their life. Whether it was during high school, college years, at work, or at home; everyone puts things off from time to time.

This means, there’s always room for you to increase productivity. Today I’m sharing some of the best productivity hacks that have helped me go from working crazy hours 7 days a week as a freelance writer to only working 3-4 days per week as a freelance writer, without losing money.

The below productivity hacks are the same hacks that helped me increase my productivity!

  • You’ll need to first make a promise to yourself that you will start using these hacks to increase productivity.

I’ve found making a promise to myself to achieve something has truly changed my world, and helped me achieve great success.

Acknowledge That You’re Procrastinating

The first step towards change, with anything, requires that you acknowledge the problem exists. In this case, you’ll need to notice that you are procrastinating and acknowledge it. Do not beat yourself up with negative self-talk, rather just admit this is happening.

What you need to do each time you acknowledge that you’re procrastinating is say a phrase that triggers you to realize what you’re doing. You can say “procrastinating” or “moving on” to help get your mind moving forward away from your learned habit of procrastination.

Figure Out Where Your Time Goes

We all have the same 24 hours in a day to get things done. Everyone uses different things to fill their time. To improve your productivity, you’ll need to identify the areas where you’re wasting time. Start making a note of what you do each day, the time, and so forth. I used the clockify desktop timing app to narrow down where I’m spending my time each day during this step.

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Once I was able to see where my time was truly going, I was better able to narrow down the work hours, and remove time wasters to increase productivity. Digital distractions, such as your smartphone, are one of the biggest temptations we all have.

I put my smartphone on vibrate and used Kill News Feed in Chrome (extension) to reduce my distractions until I mastered time management. This helped so much!! I cannot stress enough how useful this extension was for my productivity levels.

  • Make another promise to yourself that you will find a way to remove the activities that are “wasted time” items on your Clockify list.

Make Time Your Best Friend

As I said, I used Clockify to really narrow down the time that I spent on every activity during the day. I tracked clients I write for, blogging time for my own sites, the time it takes to check email, networking on social, and so forth.

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In order to manage your time for increased productivity, you’re going to have to be honest with how you spend every moment in the day. For activities that go beyond the computer, just keep a small notepad that you jot down the time involved with each activity you do.

Yes, this part was a little difficult. I mean I was wasting time in so many different areas that it took away from work and family time. Again, do not stress out or beat yourself up about this, simply become aware of how long each task takes you, so you can make time your best friend!

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Improve Your Time Estimates

This brings me to my next productivity hack, improve your time estimates. Now that you’ve tracked how long each task takes you, it’s time to improve your estimated time per project or activity. This is where the fun comes in, sort of!

Now that you know how long something takes you to complete, you can get a better idea of what to charge for your various projects or tasks you complete for others.

You can get a feel for when your workday should end and set a goal to get your workday manageable so that you have more time to do the things you love!

Meet More Deadlines

Now that you’ve worked with each of these productivity hacks, it’s time to start meeting those deadlines. You will no longer have to create excuses for why a project isn’t done on time or why you didn’t run that errand you were supposed to do.

Once you start making time your best friend, your entire world changes for the better. You’ll feel more confident, carefree, and peaceful in your life as soon as you use the hacks I shared today to the fullest extent!

Even people who have lived their whole life being procrastinators can harness the power of time management. You must take each of these productivity hacks and implement them into your life for a few weeks. if you find that you start drifting back into procrastination mode, start over.

Listen, the road to great success is long, and not a single soul here is perfect. Keep working on this one day at a time, and within a few months, you will find that you’re more productive and rarely find procrastination enters your life!

I end with this question today;

Do you struggle with procrastination?


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