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Setting Self Growth Plans

There are many ways to decide on what self growth plans you’ll focus on this year. Planning on this form of personal improvement is all about focusing on values, reflection, goals, and other areas of personal development such as your career and relationships.

Where can you start with Self Growth Plans?

We’ve found the most successful people who master self growth start their personal development path by listening to people close to them. Pay close attention to what your loved ones say or ask of you during the day.

Some exmaples of self growth ideas that may come from household members, include;

  • “You always beat down my ideas when I have them. I can’t share ideas with you anymore because you just don’t listen.”
  • “Mom you’re always on your phone when we’re supposed to be watching a movie together!”
  • “Dad you work so much and when you’re home all you do is sit at your computer.”
  • “Hunny, I feel like you’re just not present when I’m talking. Your body language shows me you’re not interested in what I’m saying and so I shut down and start to become bitter.”

How to Use Self Growth Feedback

Some of the above statements about self growth may be overlooked by a fixed mindset person. You may not be open to wanting to grow, and that’s okay.

We are all allowed to grow or stand sill as we see fit.

If you’re someone with a growth mindset who wants to work on personal improvement and master being a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday, then you need to hear what your loved ones are saying.

Here is what we hear when a loved one says the above statements;

  • “I don’t feel valued in this relationship because we always have to go with your ideas. My ideas don’t ever seem good enough and you don’t listen to them anyway so why should I share them.”
  • “Mom, please stop ignoring our time together. This quality time matters to me so you being on your phone upsets me and makes me feel less important.”
  • “Dad, I don’t feel like us kids matter to you because you just work all week and then sit like a zombie in front of the computer never interacting with us when you’re home.”
  • “My love, I don’t feel like this relationship is working unless we change the way we communicate. Body language is shouting that you’re simply not connecting with me and that pushes me away. We need to fix this or walk away from this.”

As you can see the above four checkpoints that we first shared can be translated into a self growth opportunity. These icon bullet points can lead to a pretty negative outcome regarding a relationship with your loved one, kids, and household in general if you don’t find a way to work on personal development.

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Making the Promise to Work on Self Growth

Based on many years of watching and working with others, we have found that the promise to work on self growth must be made by the individual to the individual.

  • Most personal development only happens when the individual desires a change and something better in their life.

Start listening to what people around you are saying or doing. Do you recognize their body language saying something that their lips aren’t saying? This is something many intuitive and empathetic people notice right away!

Learn to watch for cues that your closest family and friends share about you. These are the people who want the best for you, no matter what, so they’re the best people to look to for personal improvement ideas.

You can make notes of what your family and friends say throughout the day, or just ask each of them what they feel you need some improvement on. They may say some things that hurt, but pause before reacting! These people are being open with you so that you can learn what self growth plans to make for this year!

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These people are not trying to hurt or upset you! They are answering the question honestly based on their perception to better help you grow. Please refrain from asking people on social media these questions.

Those who are connected with you online only know a small portion of who you are and what you can be. This type of personal improvement self growth work must be completed based on people’s feedback of those who know you to your core!

Conclusion on Self Growth Plans

Now that you have evaluated what other people have said or share for information on what they feel you need to work on for self growth, it’s time to make a promise to yourself.

Figure out what you want to focus on this year, write down a promise that you will work on whatever self growth goals you have.

Something as simple as, “I promise myself that I will be better at listening to my family when they speak and truly hear what they have to say” is a great promise to start with.

Make a promise to yourself that you will achieve great success with your self growth plans this year, by writing an affirmative promise on paper and then start reading all the books on personal development topics, and use postiive affirmations to train your subconscious mind during this process.

We end with this question today;

What helps you be more aware of what areas you should work on for self growth?


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