The Best Habits to Increase Productivity

Many people spend their time wishing that they could get more time in the day. This is something that many people struggle with. Productivity goes hand in hand with time management, but mindset training can help with this area, too.

If you’re someone who is tired of spending days wishing for more hours in the day, more motivation, or just looking to reduce the wasted hours in each day then these tips are for you!

The tips below combined with our productivity for procrastinators ebook will get you headed in a positive direction. You’ll soon have more time to do what you love and feel inspired to use your growth mindset to learn new things.

Keep Your Desk Decluttered

Creativity is often found during the most chaotic moments in life, but having a litter-strewn office space isn’t going to whisk you into productivity mode. When you have visible fliers, sticky notes, paperwork, and everything else all over the desk you’re just inviting procrastination.

All of the clutter on your desk or in the office will just remind you of unfinished tasks. That little sticky note that tells you to go do something for household chores, the unfinished book that you meant to read, and other papers on the desk put your mind in the wrong headspace for productivity.

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We read somewhere that keeping your desk and office space organized can increase productivity and focus by at least half as long as someone with a cluttered desk space.

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Schedule Time to Read Email

The key to stopping procrastination in its track is to schedule a time to read email. Shut the notifications off on your smartphone, close the email tab on your computer, and hold yourself back from checking email unless it’s during the scheduled time.

Many entrepreneurs face this challenge because they want to quickly reply to emails for fear of missing out on a fabulous offer. The thing is, checking email too frequently during your day enables the procrastinator side to reign over you.

Create an auto-responder for emails, if you’re fearful that lack of response will make someone upset or you’ll miss out on an opportunity. Note what time you check emails during the day so they know when to expect a reply from you. This will help you get more done, we promise!

Rise Early

While many people who have achieved great success swear by this method of getting up early, we know everyone is different. We suggest that you wake up and work during a time that you’re most creative.

If you’ve been working on personal improvement then you have a pretty good idea what this “time” is.

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Improving your productivity is all about developing healthy repetitive habits that remove procrastination to ignite great success. Consider waking up before anyone else to spend some time going through your daily task list or enjoying the silence to prepare your mindset for the day.

Focus on What’s Important

Lastly, you’ll want to focus on your priority tasks. Each night you should draft up a task list of things to do for the next day. When you wake up, take a moment to review what’s most important for the day.

Taking the time to evaluate what’s most important to complete that day will help you focus on one prioroity task at a time. This allows you to gauge your day and plan the hours you’re engaged in work accordingly.

Doing this final hack of focusing on what’s important as a means to develop new habits for productivity will help you complete more tasks each day because you’re not allowing your mind to get overwhelmed with a huge to-do list.

Developing new habits to increase productivity is all about taking one day at a time. Write down some actionable steps you can take to add these new habits into your life. Focus on one change at a time, master it, and move onto another habit.

You’ll find that you’re soon able to get more done and feel more confident about your life. Increasing productivity doesn’t take a lot of extra work, it is simply a matter of focusing strongly on one new habit at a time.

We end with this question today;

What helps you be more productive in your daily life?


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